Overhook submission series from the guard visited during tonights MMA class at The MAC

We had another action packed Tuesday night at The MAC at Haworth this evening, with our regular mix of Kids MMA, Mixed Stand-up and Adults MMA filling the schedule.

We kicked it off with our older kids class, putting them through their paces with the regular warm-up and the striking obstacle course. We then transitioned onto arm-drags from standing, as well as a knee-tap takedown from the rear-clinch. The main focus of the session was the guard passing drill which then moved onto our points based sparring game.

The stand-up class for adults began with a little shadow boxing, after which we quickly moved on to six rounds on the focus pads. We had thirty minutes left in the session so decided to get down to some good old sparring, allowing the students to punch, kick and knee each other in a controlled manner.

The final class of the night was the MMA class and after the warm-up we got down to some wrestling drills which include a little padwork. The technical portion of the class focused on an overhook guard and a series of submissions that you can hit from there, whether it be a triangle, kimura or omoplata. We finished with a little rolling.

A big well done to everyone who attended the centre today including Charlie, Jessica, Jasmine, Ben, Paul, Georgina, Roxanne, Mark, Ebun, Scott, Chris, Matt and Graham.

A big shout out to our sponsors, The Fleece Inn as well.

See you next time on the mat…

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