A busy night sees takedowns, leg kicks and back-takes all taught at The MAC at Haworth

We had another busy Tuesday night at The MAC at Haworth earlier today, with a few new faces sprinkled across our three classes which included stand-up and MMA.

The first class of the evening was the “Kids MMA class” with the youngsters working on the latest strikes they need to master as well as how to take down a much bigger opponent if needed.

We moved on in the next hour to our “Mixed Stand-up class” with the group focusing this week on kicks to the legs, combining inside, outside and oblique kicks to confuse our opponents.

Finally we had the “Adults MMA class” with the group this time looking at a type of control from top position which allows us to either force our opponent to expose the back or we take a straight arm-lock to finish the fight.

A big well done to everyone who attended including Cat, Michelle, Georgina, Mark, Teigan, Ricky, Matt, Jonny, Graham, Chris, Owen, and Ben.

Flow rolling the order of the day as everyone starts to get the point… or two
Bear hug defence and side mount escapes visited tonight at The MAC at Haworth

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