A night full of sparring as the kids MMA, mixed stand-up and adults MMA all take to the mat

The doors were wide open at The MAC at Haworth tonight as we welcomed in a plethora of members onto the mats for our triple lesson line-up.

First up we had the little ones in for the Kids MMA class, with the group working on a couple of new punches before looking to polish even further the five games they were graded on last week. This week was also their first chance to spar on the mat, using our point scoring rolling game.

Next up was the turn of our stand-up class, this week focusing on lead hooks and rear uppercuts, before getting in a few quick rounds on the pads. We finished the session off with a few rounds of boxing sparring as we continue to hone our skills.

Last but by no means least was the turn of the Adult MMA class, with the group looking specifically at how to defend punches from the guard position. This was after a number of rounds of padwork had been carried out and some much needed backward rolls. The session ended with five rounds of rolling.

A big well done to everyone who attended the classes with special mentions going to Michelle, Cat, Matthew, Kira, Matt, Graham, Chris and Dwight. Also a big well done to Chris who popped over for a private earlier in the day.

See you on the mat…

Pad work, advanced sweeps from guard and kids gradings carried out this morning at The MAC at Haworth
Knife defence and triangle counters all the rage tonight at The MAC at Haworth

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