Adults MMA class seemingly makes a breakthrough with their BJJ, coach heaps praise on the group

It was a breakthrough night tonight at the Fusion Martial Arts Centre at Haworth as the “Adults MMA” class were taught “guard basics” and used it to take their rolling up around twenty-seven notches as a result. The coach told the group at the end of the class that they had taken a major leap in figuring out what it means to be a competent grappler.

Earlier in the night we had the “Mixed stand-up” class. During the hour the group was introduced to technical sparring drills and strikes from the Muay Thai clinch. A great night had by all…

A big well done to all who attended including Matthew, Jonny, Matt, Cat, Michelle, Owen and Mark.

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Butterfly and scissor sweep counters taught during our Sunday morning BJJ session…
Zombies, full-nelsons and shrimps dominate the landscape in Haworth this Thursday night

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