An impact infused evening at The MAC as the Women’s Self Defence class gets stuck into some overhead throws

We had our first Thursday evening of 2017 at The MAC at Haworth this evening, with a triple header of classes leading the way including the Women’s Self Defence/Fitness session as well as Adults MMA.

First up was the little ones, with our younger Kids MMA group looking at basic punches and kicks as well as how to control that pesky bank robber should they stumble across him.

Next up was the ladies, with our merry bunch getting put through their paces during a thirty minute circuit involving the Bulgarian bags we have at the centre, before moving onto a couple of ways to deal with an attacker intent on choking you from behind.

Lastly was the Adults MMA class, with the group working their way through six rounds on the pads before looking at elbow escapes from the mount. The session ended with eight rounds of rolling (jiu-jitsu sparring).

Well done to everyone who attended tonight including Zelda, Cat, Donna, Charlotte, Katherine, Joe, Ricky, Chris, Matt and Owen.

See you next time on the mats…

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