Arm-locks galore in the Kids MMA class, grappling sparring with punches for the adults

We had another full on day at The MAC at Haworth today, with our trio of super popular classes seeing a record number of people flood through our doors.

We kicked it off with our Kids MMA class, with the group focusing on arm-locks from a modified mount position. This followed on from our instruction of how to finish the arm-lock in previous weeks.

Next up was our adult stand-up class. After a quick warm-up we focused on effectively blocking kicks at three levels before moving on to padwork. The session ended with a number of sparring rounds.

Finally was the turn of the Adults MMA session, with the students working their way through their warm-up and six rounds of padwork. We then looked at a couple of escapes from the high-mount position before half the group put on gloves so they could strike during eight rounds of grappling sparring.

A big well done to everyone who made it into the centre today including Charlie, Jess, Mark, Scott, Richard, Georgina, Michael, Olly, Roxanne, Chris, Matt, Graham, Paul, Ed and Ben.

See you next time on the mat…

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