Club/blunt weapon defence the focus of this past Thursday’s Women’s Self Defence class

We had another interesting Thursday evening at The MAC at Haworth this past week, with our usual program of Kids MMA, Women’s Self Defence and Adults MMA the focus.

We kicked it off with the kids, running through our basic striking combinations before taking the grappling to the next level with games one through three. The session ended with a few games of the popular Zombie!

Next up was the Women’s Self Defence hour and after busting through a hard fitness thirty minutes which involved the Bulgarian bag we looked at a number of club/blunt weapon defences including close and long range attacks.

Last up was the Adults MMA session which began with our scramble warm-up followed by six rounds of padwork. The grappling focus of the evening was arm-bars from side mount including a masterclass on grip breaks.

A big well done to everyone who attended the centre throughout the day including David, Adam, Chris, Lucy, Georgina, Olly, Chris and Joe.

A big shout out to our sponsors, The Fleece Inn as well.

See you next time on the mat…

#themacathaworth #seeyouonthemat

Stand-up sparring and submission counters the focus of Wednesday morning classes at The MAC
The MAC at Haworth presents it’s first ever club kit!!!

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