“Double threat”, a new addition to the Adults MMA classes at The MAC at Haworth

We had another jam packed night of classes at The MAC at Haworth tonight, as our members came flocking through the doors to take part in the Kids MMA, Mixed Stand-up and Adults MMA classes.

First up was the little ones, with the group continuing to show great promise as they worked through basic and advanced striking, before moving on to resisting an assailant trying to push or pull us. We then moved on to takedowns against an aggressive opponent before finishing with a little rolling (Jiu-Jitsu sparring).

We then moved on to our Mixed Stand-up class which this week focused on using the front teep kick to the leg and the body to maintain distance, as well as making the front leg light to easily block kicks coming low. We then moved onto the usual Thai clinch sparring, padwork and stand-up sparring.

Finally we ended the night with our Adults MMA class, blasting through the warm-up and padwork before looking at how to combine our attacks from the back in order to confuse and catch our opponent. The session ended with a number of rounds of rolling.

A big well done to everyone who turned up including Mark, Richard, Scott, David, Georgina, Rachael, Kira, Cat, Chris, Graham, Matt, Chris and Ben.

See you next time on the mats…

Stand-up sparring, deep half guard and arm-locks all covered today at The MAC at Haworth
“Double threat” turns into “triple threat” this Thursday evening as reverse triangles are added to the arsenal

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