“Double threat” turns into “triple threat” this Thursday evening as reverse triangles are added to the arsenal

We had another action packed Thursday night of classes this evening at The MAC at Haworth, with Kids MMA, Women’s Self Defence and Adults MMA all a part of the menu.

First up was the kids, with the group of youngsters continuing to make great progress with their basic strikes and base battling techniques. A little more listening wouldn’t go a miss, but on the whole a great week for all.

Next up we had our Women’s Self Defence class which also doubles as a fitness session. We had a twenty-five minute circuit to put our members through before moving on to hair-grab defensive measures, a must for anyone with long hair (obviously).

Finally we had our Adults MMA session and after the normal six rounds on the pads it was time to expand on Tuesday’s back-mount double threat lesson and add another layer of techniques to the mix, namely a funky sort-of arm-lock and a reverse triangle.

A big well done to those who attended including Georgina, Leoni, Cat, Chris, Ben, Matt and Rachael.

See you next time on the mats…

“Double threat”, a new addition to the Adults MMA classes at The MAC at Haworth
The leg drag position introduced to this mornings BJJ class at The MAC at Haworth

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