Flow rolling the order of the day as everyone starts to get the point… or two

We had another action-packed Sunday morning today at The MAC at Haworth, with flow rolling the order of the day in both the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kids MMA classes.

The morning was kicked off by an hour of pad-work, with a number of people making the trek over from Bradford for the session. Punches, kicks and knees were thrown for the duration, with everyone getting a good workout.

Next up was our popular Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (no-gi) session, with the group looking at counters to the scissor and butterfly sweep which sees you wind up in deep half-guard on the way to taking your opponents back. The session was finished off with an extended rolling period, which saw the group attempt to take a more relaxed approach and go with the flow.

The final hour was our Kids MMA class which saw the boys and girls tackle a pesky runaway horse, practice their kicks and punches, as well as work on their focus (although they seem to have cracked the last bit). Finally they had the chance to roll for the last fifteen minutes, gaining points for gaining both the mount and guard positions.

Well done to everyone who attended including Adam, Roxanne, Alex and Chris.

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A busy night sees takedowns, leg kicks and back-takes all taught at The MAC at Haworth

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