Gator roll to anaconda choke to D’arce choke combination explored during tonight’s MMA class

We had another action packed night at The MAC at Haworth this Tuesday night with our regular offering of Kids MMA, Mixed Stand-up and Adults MMA classes filling the board.

First up was the turn of the kids, with our more advanced group starting to look at a variety of more complicated strikes, as well as how to apply a straight arm-lock properly. The session ended with a few rounds of grappling sparring.

Next up was our adult strikers, with the group revisiting how to keep our opponent at bay by using a teep kick with the front leg almost as an extension of your jab. A number of rounds of sparring ensued.

Finally we had our massively popular Adults MMA class, with the group tonight looking at how to effectively use the gator roll to set up a tight anaconda choke, before efficiently switching to a D’arce choke if required. The session ended with grappling sparring as normal.

A big well done to everyone how attended today including Cat, Jessica, Georgina, Mark, Michael, Chris, David, Graham, Paul, Ed, Roxanne, Matt and Ben.

See you next time on the mat…

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