Gradings, kick combo’s and double-ankle sweeps all covered this evening in Haworth

Another successful evening was laid on by the Fusion Martial Arts Centre at Haworth this evening, with a triple threat of classes navigated by our members.

First up was our first ever mid-week grading for the “Kids MMA class”, with our younger ones being tested on their, fitness, focus, straight punches and push-kicks and grappling techniques. A very well done to those who were tested.

Next up was our “Mixed stand-up class” with our groups continuing to use the oblique kicks to stop our opponent in their tracks, as well as working on their flexibility with a triple kick drill. Plenty of padwork to finish.

Last but by no means least was our massively popular “Adults MMA class”, with the group working their way through six rounds of padwork, before looking at a couple of variations of the double ankle sweep (more on this on Sunday in the BJJ class).

A big well done to everyone who attended including Mark, Cat, Matthew, David, Matt, Dwight, Kira and Chris.

Leg-lock combinations and grading readiness the focus this Sunday at Haworth
Scissor sweeps are the order of the day at the Fusion MAC at Haworth this Thursday

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