Grip breaks for arm-lock finishes the big focus of tonight’s Adults MMA class at The MAC

We had a muggy evening at The MAC at Haworth this evening with our regular program of Kids MMA, Mixed Stand-up and Adults MMA on the menu. Continue reading to find out what went down…

The Kids MMA class was in full effect with twelve children making it in. After the initial warm-up we got into our striking drills before transitioning to the guard passing game that was such a hit the week before. After that it was another situation that required a slightly different mount escape before combining the two to finish.

The adults stand-up class was quiet at first but soon picked up. We looked at a nice axe kick-side kick combination before getting down to some padwork. The session ended with a little light sparring.

Final class of the night was the Adults MMA class and after a quick warm-up it was onto the wrestling drill which everyone loved to hate last week. If they weren’t tired enough it was time to lace up the gloves and engage in a little stand-up sparring before looking at a little technique, this session being grip breaks from the arm-lock.

A big well done to everyone who attended the centre today including Georgina, Scott, Ebun, Chris and Graham.

A big shout out to our sponsors, The Fleece Inn as well.

See you next time on the mat…

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