Half-guard sweeps/submissions revisited during this morning’s grappling class at The MAC

It was a busy, hot and sweaty morning at The MAC at Haworth today with our usual mix of pads, grappling and Kids MMA on the menu.

First up was our hour pad session, a chance for members to sharpen their striking skills as they punch, kick, knee and elbow the focus pads. The final fifteen minutes was reserved for sparring as they put everything into practice.

Next was our weekend grappling class and we took the chance to look at a scenario from the bottom of half guard. Once gaining lockdown and the underhooks we explored creating a favorable angle before executing the electric chair sweep/submission.

The last class of the morning was our massively popular Kids MMA class and after a brief warm-up and a little padwork we put them through their paces with our new guard passing game. The technical portion of the class looked at a mount escape, rolling our opponent off of us before finishing with a few fun games.

A big well done to everyone who attended the centre today including Adam, Ewa, Roxanne, Paul, Ebun, Michelle, Ryan and Paul.

A big shout out to our sponsors, The Fleece Inn as well.

See you next time on the mat…

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Practically a full house for grappling and MMA tonight at The MAC at Haworth
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