High-mount arm-locks and devastating shoulder pressure taught during today’s BJJ session

A chilly Sunday morning at the Fusion Martial Arts Centre at Haworth was kicked off with the normal pad session, combining punches, kicks, knees, elbows and even the occasional clinch entry.

That was followed up with our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu hour, with our students looking at a nice little trick to counter the elbow escape, an impossible to defend arm-lock from the high mount and devastating shoulder pressure from side mount.

Last but by no means least was the turn of the kids who seem to be going from strength to strength with their gradings just around the corner. Their kicks and punches were on point this week, as was their grappling and focus. An excellent session.

Well done to all of those that attended including Adam, Roxanne and Ewa. Please remember to reserve October 30th in your calenders for our two hour “Halloween Spooktacular” fundraiser (10am-12pm) in aid of a local children’s centre. A link to our Just Giving page can be found here…


See you on the mat…

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Chokes, chokes and more chokes dominate the landscape in Haworth this October evening
Halloween Spooktacular raffle prizes revealed!

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