Join us this month at the Fusion MAC @ Haworth and try a class for FREE!

If you’re thinking of joining us at the Fusion MAC @ Haworth then why not take advantage of our newest offer and try a class for FREE! Whether it be you or a sibling, new members can try before you sign up to any of our classes. A full list of what we have going on can be found below…
Mixed Stand-up – 6.30pm
Adults MMA – 7.30pm
Childrens MMA – 5.30pm
Womens Self Defence – 6.30pm
Adults MMA – 7.30pm
Pad session – 9.00am
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (no-gi) – 10.00am
Childrens MMA – 11.00am
Find out more about our classes here…
Side kicks, sprawling and clinching all covered during tonight’s double header of classes
Smashing mount pressure visited during tonight’s Adults MMA class in Haworth

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