Kids rolling, blackouts, catching kicks and escaping rear-naked chokes tonight at The MAC

We had a very energy fueled night this evening at The MAC at Haworth, with Kids MMA, Mixed stand-up and Adult MMA classes taking precedence.

First up was the turn of the little ones as we continued to add to their striking repertoire as well as looking at how to control someone from side mount. Finally we did a bit of rolling, giving them focus as they looked to either obtain the mount or guard positions.

Next up was our stand-up class, a class that ensures we keep one eye on people trying to take us down or even taking our opponents down when strikes are involved. Tonight we looked at various ways of dealing with kicks, deflecting, blocking and even catching them in the process.

Lastly was the turn of the adults for the MMA class, with all nine Tuesday night members on hand for the first time. This time around we looked at some simple yet highly effective ways to escape the rear-naked choke, before finishing off with a number of rolling rounds.

A big well done to everyone who turned up including Mark, Matthew, Cat, Michelle, Kira, Matt, Graham, Owen, Dwight, Chris and Jonny.

See you next time on the mat…

Modified mount escapes and junior rolling the focus this morning at The MAC at Haworth
Front choke defence and double leg takedowns visited this evening at The MAC in Haworth

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