Knee-bars from the open/half guard this mornings focus at The MAC at Haworth

We had another fun-filled and sunny Sunday morning at The MAC at Haworth today as we rolled out our trio of classes which included pads, BJJ and a Kids MMA session.

First up was our pads session, giving our group a chance to work off a few pounds, as well as hone their striking skills, with a number of padwork drills for the first half. The session then turned into a sparring session, with people looking to land punches, kicks, knees and elbows.

We then moved onto our weekend Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu session, with the group today looking at knee-bars from the open guard, as well as how to attack the same submission from half-guard. The hour culminated in a little rolling.

Last up was our Kids MMA session and the group continued their work on mount controls and submissions by visiting the Americana arm-lock for the second time. We also included a pads drill and numerous rolling games.

A big well done to everyone who attended the centre including Mark, Ewa, Roxanne, Adam, Chris, Heidi and Paul.

See you next time on the mats…

#themacathaworth #seeyouonthemats

A sparring morning at The MAC at Haworth this past Wednesday morning
The MAC at Haworth to announce our first official sponsor soon…!

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