Knife defence and triangle counters all the rage tonight at The MAC at Haworth

We had a busy night on our hands this evening at The MAC at Haworth, with a triple whammy of classes going down including women’s self defence and adults MMA.

Kicking off the evening though was the turn of the little ones, as we opened our doors for the Kids MMA class. This evening the focus was exactly that, trying to bring the best our of their focus after a tough week last week. We’re happy to report progress was made.

Next was the turn of the Women’s Self Defence/Fitness class, with our ladies being put through their paces with our strength and conditioning program before moving on to knife defence.

Last but by no means least was the Adults MMA class, with our group working their way through six rounds on the pads before looking at triangle choke counters. The sparring was both Jiu-Jitsu rolling and boxing.

A big well done to those who attended including Leoni, Zelda, Cat, Matthew, Graham and Owen. Also a special mention to Richard, David, Chris, Andrea and Michelle who were in for private sessions throughout the day.

Finally, I’d like to thank Craft Contractors Ltd. for the hours put in at The MAC this morning/afternoon as they continued to make improvements to the extension.

A night full of sparring as the kids MMA, mixed stand-up and adults MMA all take to the mat
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