MMA sparring back on the menu at The MAC at Haworth this Wednesday morning

We had a pretty full on Wednesday morning at The MAC at Haworth this morning with our usual double header of Mixed Stand-up and BJJ, and it was chance for us to roll out full MMA sparring for the first time at the centre.

We kicked off the morning sessions with a grueling Bulgarian bag warm-up before moving on to six rounds of padwork. We soon moved on to targeting in each other with a little stand-up sparring.

The second session was our grappling class, looking at the very technical Twister submission, as well as taking in a little “Truck” action. The session ended with MMA sparring, something we’ve included at The MAC for the very first time.

A big well done to everyone who attended the centre including Adam, Roxanne and Ewa.

See you next time on the mat…

#themacathaworth #seeyouonthemat

Arm-locks galore in the Kids MMA class, grappling sparring with punches for the adults
A packed Thursday sees crocodiles restrained, arms locked and chokes applied at The MAC

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