Pad work, advanced sweeps from guard and kids gradings carried out this morning at The MAC at Haworth

We were open this Sunday morning for our regular classes at “The MAC at Haworth”, with our members piling in for the pad session, BJJ hour and Kids MMA (which for this week included a grading).

First up was the pad session with a couple of regular faces popping over from Bradford to hit, kick, elbow and knee the pads for an hour, sharpening their skills in the process.

Next up was the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class, with the group looking at an advanced way of setting up the scissor sweep, how to use it to switch to the other side if it gets stuffed and how to take advantage of your opponent countering the double ankle sweep.

Lastly we had our little ones in for the Kids MMA class, with four of our students eligible for their first gradings. We had a super well behaved class, with the children working their way through fitness and focus drills, as well as showing off their understanding of striking and grappling. We’re pleased to report that all four children passed with flying colours.

A big well done to everyone who attended including Ewa, Adam, Cat, Chris and Matthew. Congratulations once again to those children that passed their gradings, the future is bright.

Scissor sweeps are the order of the day at the Fusion MAC at Haworth this Thursday
A night full of sparring as the kids MMA, mixed stand-up and adults MMA all take to the mat

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