Side mount control is the order of the day during tonight’s Adult MMA class at The MAC

We had another big night today at The MAC in Haworth, with a triple header of classes leading the way including an Adults MMA class that focused heavily on controlling side mount.

The Kids MMA class was first up, with the group looking at how to control someone if they were to roll whilst under the mount. We also worked basic strikes as well as working their way around an obstacle course.

The Women’s Self Defence class was in full swing with a few new students joining us for the hour. The group smashed their way through a very full on circuit before looking at personal attack defences.

The final class was the Adults MMA class, with the group working through six rounds on the pads before focusing on a bunch of different types of side control to counter our opponents potential escape routes. The session ended with a few rounds of rolling.

A big well done to everyone who attended including Jo, Cat, Donna, Katherine, Charlotte, Georgina, Matt, Graham, Ricky, Jo, Ben and Chris.

See you next time on the mats…

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A little wrestling added to the mix during tonight’s Adult MMA class at The MAC
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