Stand-up sparring and open guard footlocks the focus of this morning at The MAC

We had an intriguing morning at The MAC at Haworth today, combining two sessions into one as we did one hour of stand-up techniques followed by another focused on grappling techniques from the open guard.

The first hour began with a punishing Bulgarian bag warm-up before moving onto six rounds of padwork. The session ended with a few rounds of sparring , giving them a chance to put into practice what they’d learnt.

The second hour was all about grappling, and in particular how to use the open guard to first slow down out opponent before looking for a footlock. If we weren’t first successful with the attack then a sweep and a second chance would soon follow. The session ended with a little rolling.

A big well done to everyone who attended the centre today including Adam, Roxanne, Ewa, Ryan and Mark.

A packed night of classes at The MAC at Haworth, enthusiastic members keep flocking to the centre
Club defence and arm-locks on the menu this evening at The MAC at Haworth

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