Stiff arm escapes and bear hug defences the focus this evening at The MAC at Haworth

We had another exciting bunch of classes laid on at The MAC at Haworth tonight, with Kids MMA, Women’s Self Defence and Adults MMA leading the way.

First up was the turn of the kids and after our usual look at the basic strikes we moved on to the push-pull battles and tackling that pesky giant. The session ended with a few games of zombie.

The ladies were up next and after a half-hour circuit we looked at a number of ways our opponent might bear hug us and how we could counter them. Over and under-arm was covered.

Finally we had the Adults MMA class, with the group blasting through six rounds on the pads before looking at stiff arm escapes from side mount. The session ended with blind (yes blind) rolling.

A big well done to everyone who attended including Cat, Zelda, Becky, Laura, Graham, Chris, Ben, Alain and Joe.

See you next time on the mats…

Guard pressure the big focus of tonight’s Adults MMA class at The MAC at Haworth tonight
Modified side mount escapes and “crazy legs” the focus of this mornings students at The MAC

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