Students arrive at The MAC both in the morning and evening for classes

We had another fun-filled Monday at The MAC at Haworth today with our usual morning and evening sessions taking the floor, with striking the focus earlier in the day before moving on to grappling later on.

We kicked off our Mixed Stand-up class with a Bulgarian bag warm-up, four sets of ten, before moving on to a number of rounds of pad work. The session the moved on to some light sparring for the final twenty minutes, giving our members a chance to practice what they’d learnt up to that point in a controlled manner.

The evening class was Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, with the group working their way through “The Neil Knot” from the shoulder pin guard system, just like Sunday’s group had the day before. From the shoulder pin we also explored a few other submission options available to us.

A big well done to everyone who attended including Mark, Richard, Ewa, Adam, Bartosz, Alex and Cat.

See you next time on the mat…

#themacathaworth #seeyouonthemat

Pads, BJJ and Kids MMA classes all on fire this morning at The MAC at Haworth
Big congratulations to all the children who passed their gradings tonight at The MAC at Haworth

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