Super efficient side mount escapes revisited during this mornings Jiu-Jitsu class in Haworth

We had a blast this morning at The MAC at Haworth, with our members flooding through the door for not only an energy efficient themed Jiu-Jitsu class, but an energy infused Kids MMA class.

The morning started with the BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) group, with the theme of the day centering around escaping side mount and using as little energy as possible in the process. After working their way through three different variations it was time to put it into practice with a little rolling.

The little ones were up next, working their way through our warm-up movements before working on their hooks in a striking drill. Then it was onto the grappling, seamlessly transitioning from mount controls into taking your opponents back. Finally we did a little rolling before finishing with a fun five minutes of games.

A big well done to everyone who attended including Charlie, Chris, Robert and all the children! Finally a special mention for Georgina who was in for an early afternoon private and seemed to enjoy throwing around her instructor.

See you next time on the mats…

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Side mount control is the order of the day during tonight’s Adult MMA class at The MAC
A physical night at The MAC as we continue our work with the Thai clinch and the triangle choke

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