Knife defence and straight footlocks take center stage at The MAC this Thursday night

We had another jam packed night of classes at The MAC at Haworth tonight as we rolled out our regular Thursday night of classes, Kids MMA, Women’s Self Defence and Adults MMA.

First up was the little ones and with the upcoming grading looming we focused on their basic striking and basic Jiu-Jitsu games which most carried out very well.

The ladies were up next with a thirty minute circuit workout before moving on to dealing with a knife wielding attacker. Under and over-arm variations were taught.

The last class of the evening was the Adults MMA class and after six rounds on the pads we had a suggestion from the group that we look at straight footlocks. Not only the attacks were taught as we also looked at some basic defences.

A big well done to everyone who attended including Cat, Zelda, Leoni, Georgina, Matt, Graham, Ben, Chris, Ryan and Alain.

See you next time on the mat…


Wrist releases, sucker-punch defence and arm-triangles all the rage at The MAC this evening

We had another fun filled (yet colder than expected) Thursday night this evening at The MAC at Haworth, with our members braving the frosty conditions to come to the centre and enjoy a spot of Kids MMA, Women’s Self Defence/Fitness and Adults MMA.

First up was the turn of the little ones, with our youngest group looking at their basic punches and kicks, as well as revisiting last weeks wrist releases.

Next up was the ladies, with the group being put through their paces with a circuit during the first hour before looking at how to deal with an opponent intent on sucker punching us.

Lastly was our hugely popular Adults MMA class, with the group excelling on the pads for six rounds before turning their attention to three variations of arm-triangle. The night ended with rolling (Jiu-Jitsu sparring).

A big well done to everyone who attended including Donna, Katherine, Cat, Leoni, Becky, Laura, Matt, Graham, Joe, Chris, Rachael, Ricky, Alain, Charlie and Owen. Also a special mention to David, Andrea and Michelle who attended earlier in the day for private sessions.

See you next time on the mats…

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The MAC at Haworth reopens tomorrow for 2017, take advantage of our sign-up offers

The MAC at Haworth officially re-opens it’s doors for 2017 tomorrow with our usual Tuesday night program of classes (Kids MMA, Mixed Stand-up and Adults MMA), as well as private slots for our members.

Don’t forget to ask (email or message us) about our new years offers for both new and existing members (available for one week only).

See you on the mats…

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A night full of sparring as the kids MMA, mixed stand-up and adults MMA all take to the mat

The doors were wide open at The MAC at Haworth tonight as we welcomed in a plethora of members onto the mats for our triple lesson line-up.

First up we had the little ones in for the Kids MMA class, with the group working on a couple of new punches before looking to polish even further the five games they were graded on last week. This week was also their first chance to spar on the mat, using our point scoring rolling game.

Next up was the turn of our stand-up class, this week focusing on lead hooks and rear uppercuts, before getting in a few quick rounds on the pads. We finished the session off with a few rounds of boxing sparring as we continue to hone our skills.

Last but by no means least was the turn of the Adult MMA class, with the group looking specifically at how to defend punches from the guard position. This was after a number of rounds of padwork had been carried out and some much needed backward rolls. The session ended with five rounds of rolling.

A big well done to everyone who attended the classes with special mentions going to Michelle, Cat, Matthew, Kira, Matt, Graham, Chris and Dwight. Also a big well done to Chris who popped over for a private earlier in the day.

See you on the mat…

“Roll with your eyes shut he said… It will be fun he said…”

A frosty night in Haworth at the Fusion Martial Arts Centre didn’t stop our members from turning up and enjoying the classes that were on offer which included “Women’s Self Defence” and “Adults MMA”.

First up was the “Mini’s MMA” class and although our regulars were otherwise engaged we had a new comer trying out our “FIRST CLASS IS FREE” offer. Hopefully we’ll see her again in the future.

Next up was the turn of the ladies as they pushed through perhaps the hardest warm-up to date which included footwork on the ladder, a core station and the dreaded Bulgarian Bag. We went on to look at headlock escapes both standing on the ground as the lesson progressed.

Finally we had our “Adults MMA” class which saw our members push through six rounds of padwork before reviewing the trap and roll mount escapes which were taught a number of weeks ago. The session was capped off by a few rounds of rolling with a difference, as members were asked to close their eyes for the entirety of each round. Want to know why, sign up to find out…

Well done to everyone who turned up including Cat, Zelda, Leoni and Matt. Big well done to David, Chris, Andrea and Michelle who were also in today for private sessions.

Knee-split passes from the guard provides yet more breakthrough for Haworth MAC students

We were back to normal tonight at the Fusion Martial Arts Centre at Haworth following a busy weekend which included our Halloween Spooktacular fundraiser, putting on a trio of engaging classes for our members.

First up was the turn of the kids as we looked at controlling the mount position even when someone rolls like crazy, as well as putting them through their paces with our first sparring drills.

Next was the mixed stand-up class, blending boxing, kickboxing and muay-thai techniques and wrapping them up with an MMA ribbon. This week we introduced the back-fist for the first time, pairing it with an oblique kick and side kick to stop our opponent in their tracks before re-establishing distance.

Last up was the turn of the adults MMA class, with the group going through their paces on the pads before looking at passing the guard with the knee-split. The session was finished off with five rounds of rolling.

Big thanks to everyone who turned up including Cat, Michelle, Mark, David, Graham, Chris and Matt.