“Roll with your eyes shut he said… It will be fun he said…”

A frosty night in Haworth at the Fusion Martial Arts Centre didn’t stop our members from turning up and enjoying the classes that were on offer which included “Women’s Self Defence” and “Adults MMA”.

First up was the “Mini’s MMA” class and although our regulars were otherwise engaged we had a new comer trying out our “FIRST CLASS IS FREE” offer. Hopefully we’ll see her again in the future.

Next up was the turn of the ladies as they pushed through perhaps the hardest warm-up to date which included footwork on the ladder, a core station and the dreaded Bulgarian Bag. We went on to look at headlock escapes both standing on the ground as the lesson progressed.

Finally we had our “Adults MMA” class which saw our members push through six rounds of padwork before reviewing the trap and roll mount escapes which were taught a number of weeks ago. The session was capped off by a few rounds of rolling with a difference, as members were asked to close their eyes for the entirety of each round. Want to know why, sign up to find out…

Well done to everyone who turned up including Cat, Zelda, Leoni and Matt. Big well done to David, Chris, Andrea and Michelle who were also in today for private sessions.