A little wrestling added to the mix during tonight’s Adult MMA class at The MAC

We had another fun-filled evening today at The MAC at Haworth, with a triple header of sessionsĀ including an Adult MMA class that included an important step in the wrestling chain.

First up was the Kids MMA class, with the larger than life group continuing to work on their basic striking techniques, mount controls and grappling sparring. They also continued to work on their pad work, learning both how to hold and hit.

Next up was the turn of our Mixed Stand-up class, with students working their way through a basics drill, padwork, technical sparring drill and the dreaded clinch sparring.

Finally was the turn of the Adults MMA class. The guys (as there were no girls in tonight, it felt very strange without them) hit pads for fifteen minutes before turning their attention to a side control escape drill that included a nice little knee-pick on the get up.

A big well done to everyone who attended the centre including Teigan, Georgina, Rachael, Richard, Mark, Chris, Matt, Graham and Ben.

See you next time on the mats…

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