Mystical three sided shapes dominate the night sky over the Fusion MAC at Haworth

Another fun-filled evening was in store for those students attending the Fusion Martial Arts Centre at Haworth this Tuesday night as we smashed our way through an hour of mixed stand-up and an hour (and a bit) of adults mixed martial arts.

First up was the mixed stand-up as we had our usual mix of men and women in for the usual mix of striking styles, all of which are useful when it comes to MMA. First off we were looking at how to set up inside and outside leg kicks with punches to the head, before looking to stick our opponent in place with a jab-oblique kick combination before creating distance with a push kick.

Next was the turn of the adults MMA class and after a few rounds on the pads we quickly got down to the small matter of the triangle choke from the guard. First we looked at how to finish it before moving on to three set-up’s from the closed guard. This was all finished off with a large dollop of rolling.

Well done to all of those that attended including Adam, Cat, Matthew, Georgina, Michelle, David, Jonny and Owen. Please remember to reserve October 30th in your calenders for our two hour “Halloween Spooktacular” fundraiser (10am-12pm) in aid of a local children’s centre. A link to our Just Giving page can be found here…

See you on the mat…

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