The MAC at Haworth get into the Christmas spirit with head-lock escapes and rear-naked chokes

Tonight we completed our pre-Christmas program at The MAC at Haworth with a triple whammy of classes which included the Women’s Self Defence/Fitness class and the Adults MMA session.

The night started with the Kids MMA class, with our group continuing to work on their basic strikes before one last chance to ride Rudolf before Santa comes down their chimneys.

We then moved onto the ladies, as they were put through their paces with a tougher then usual circuit before moving on to head-lock escapes from both standing and a grounded position.

Finally it was the turn of the Adults MMA class and after a few rounds on the pads we looked at how to effectively apply the rear-naked choke on both sides before adding in a couple of little finishing tricks.

A big well done to everyone who turned up including Donna, Katherine, Charlotte, Leoni, Cat, Zelda, Chris, Matt, Matthew, Chris and Ricky.

Merry Christmas to all and we’ll see you in the New Year (if not in the break 😉 )