Modified side mount escapes and “crazy legs” the focus of this mornings students at The MAC

It’s always tough to get out of bed on a Sunday morning but not when there’s work to be done and techniques to learn, well at least that’s how we think at The MAC. Today was no different with pads, BJJ and Kids MMA taking place at the centre.

First up was our hour pad session, giving members a chance to punch, kick, knee and elbow the pads throughout before switching to a little light hearted sparring to finish.

Next up was our BJJ session, with the group this week focusing on the often difficult to escape modified side-mount. We connected the dots with a previously taught technique before turning our attention to a couple of moves that work in combination with each other.

Finally it was the turn of the kids with the group this time rattling off their basic and advanced strikes before looking at “crazy legs” for the first time, and how we can effectively neutralise our opponents ability to use their lower limbs.

A big well done to everyone who attended including Mark, Michelle, Roxy, Adam, Ewa, Robert, Leoni and Tony.

See you next time on the mats…