Varying your jab entry and half-guard passes the focus of this evening at The MAC

We had another action packed evening this Tuesday night at The MAC at Haworth with Kids MMA, Mixed Stand-up and Adults MMA taking the lead.

We started off with the little ones, with the group starting to work towards next months gradings which will including basic striking and grappling for those testing for the first time, and more advanced techniques for those who have done it before.

We moved onto the striking class next, with those who attended specifically looking at how to use their jab a little more diversely, before blasting through a few rounds on the pads. The class ended with a little stand-up sparring.

Lastly was the turn of the MMA class and after six rounds of padwork we looked at how to pass half-guard in two very different ways, from our knees and sitting. The session ended with a few rounds of Jiu-Jitsu rolling.

A big well done to everyone who attended including Mark, Richard, Cat, Kira, Georgina, Michael, Chris, Matt, Graham, Ben and Chris.

See you next time on the mats…


Leg drag position dominates the landscape during Monday night’s BJJ class at The MAC
Knife defence and straight footlocks take center stage at The MAC this Thursday night

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