Zombies, full-nelsons and shrimps dominate the landscape in Haworth this Thursday night

Another jam-packed evening of classes went down tonight at the Fusion MAC at Haworth facility, with the Kids MMA class, Women’s Self Defence and Adults MMA classes all going down a storm.

The kids seemed to have a blast as we rattled through our regular warm-up, focus game and zombie tackling finish, as well as looking at how to escape a mounted opponent.

Next up was the ladies as we looked at rear attack defence including how to defend chokes and that pesky full-nelson lock that you probably remember best from the school playground.

Finally we had the adults in for MMA, looking at how to escape side-mount with a series of shrimp escapes. We finished off with some nice rolling, putting into practice what we’ve already learnt.

A big shout out to  those who attended including Cat, Zelda, Leoni, Kira, Matt, Graham, Owen and Matthew. Well done to David as well on getting his first BJJ stripe first thing this morning and on Andrea on pushing through a tough session. A great day at the MAC.

See you on the mat…

P.S. Get well soon Michelle and Denise… 😉

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